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Directions: Shake before use!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

For daily use, pour a dime sized amount in hands and rub together with fingers apply liberally to scalp working way down to ends. Massage the oil in for 1-2 minutes to circulate blood flow. Oil is best used prior to shampooing as a leave in treatment or hot oil treatment for 30 mins-1hr or as long as desired. For deep conditioning you may add 2-3 quarter sized amounts to any hair mask or conditioner of your choice for added benefits. The oil also works great for protective styles i.e. braids, sew-ins and wig etc and for styling on wet or dry hair.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not a miracle in a bottle. With any hair growth oil or treatment you'd have to maintain the health of you hair such as; routine 3-6 month trims, deep conditioning treatments, protein treatments if necessary and sleep with sating pillows or scarfs/bonnets to protect the hair from cotton material. The ONLY cure for split ends are SCISSORS. Hair is always growing but length retention is important as hair will split and break if not treated properly.

Shisha Naturals advises that if you are pregnant or nursing to please check with your doctor before use of this oil as it does contain essential oils and herbs. Please review the ingredient list under each oil to ensure there are no allergies prior to purchasing.

This oil is unisex and is safe for children 3 years and up. Please perform patch test on child before use. Results may vary.

We are a small batch company and every product is handcrafted with quality assurance. Batches of this oil are hand poured and stocked based on availability and product demand. Oil is infused for 48-72 hours to reach the highest level of potency before stocking.

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